I am Murni Rosa. Freelance writer, blogger, lifelong learner, 40s, Indonesian. I love hot drinks, drama-comedy movies, nice books, Jakarta, casual wears, etc. Started blogging about 2004, using blogger.com, and now still using the same blog machine, and Wordpress too.

About This Blog

Finally, I published this blog using murnirosa.com as my address. This was such a rebranding, and blog rejuvenation after using solitudetimes.com for years. This blog is simply about my personal view, faith and anything else.

Want to visit my another blog? Sure you can visit it: murnirosa.info.


Sometimes I do post article with targeted links here. And I got paid to do it. Anyway, my agreement to post the such things was based on my consideration firstly, that the article and products were okay to fill my blog space.

Thanks, and God bless you!


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