Welcome to July! :) Hopefully, I will start to post here again. After 2 months I've let it unwritten.

OK. Start from today. This is just a sharing. This afternoon, a young man who was my customer sent me Whatsapp message. He asked me job. I could feel, he was actually shy to do it. Unfortunately, I couldn't help him.

He wants a permanent job which pay him monthly. He has a son yet. When I gave him advices, like joining online taxi bike (ojek online), he gave me reason, that his driving license was expired and his motorcycle wasn't good enough. Too old.

He used to go to grade 5 elementary only. I could see from the online conversation, that he was good to keep his words. Maybe he will be a nice employee as long as he get the right task.

Finally, I only can help him to contact his last boss (because he worked for my another customer before deciding to have his own shop). I gave him the contact number which I still kept in my phone. I thought, it was fine. He was her employee.

... It makes me remember the moment when I decided to quit. I had to be brave and be very very careful, even for the moment, when I'll have no money. Ready or not, that's the risky choice. I just kept my belief that God won't ignore me. Even He cares for sparrows looking for the foods everywhere.

Until finally I left the work, I wasn't sure which job I would do as my main job. I just thought that I'd do anything I can. Either selling the good stuffs, being an SEO writer, paid reviewer, and whatever good and dignified. Joining some marketplaces and offering my writing and reviewing services, selling products which I got from my entrepreneur friends.

Nowadays, I think it's time to work more seriously. I won't stay like this forever. I don't reach the target I want yet, meanwhile in fact I have to. Now I need to do all the goals I have set. I still believe I can do it with God's help. I realize my age. It will be such a stimulus for me to work creatively instead of asking others for jobs.

I'm thankful for some chance I finally can get. Thank God for my online store, the sold out good stuffs, my business partners, and for my blogger mates. Thank God! All is good. God gives us what we need. :)

Well, for the young man this afternoon contacted me, I pray for him and the family. Especially for the little kid (it's automatically for the parents). Don't stop trying! Don't loose faith! We are the warriors!


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