Monday, February 20, 2017

Woro-woro Online Shop dan Blog Baru

Hmm... Jadi to the point, saya baru me-relaunch blog Kenapa harus banyak-banyak domain? Dulu sebenarnya lantaran keinginan saya juga sih, yang bikin ini jadi semacam kesalahan. Mentang-mentang masih pegang duit, impulsif beli, deh. *sigh*

Cuma, untuk mengatakan nyesel, rasanya ngga tepat, deh. Nanti dulu, deh, nyeselnya. hehehe... Ya, saya pikir daripada dimubazirin, toh? Lebih baik kan memang dipakai saja. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Living My Destiny

Just remembering the preach on last Sunday. I've got something really good, that I need to live with the new understanding and new attitude. I said it the new one, I mean that's the good way of living which we got it by learning from time to time, day by day.

At least that's what I've got by thinking of the preaching, which telling us that basically we need to pay attention to how we live. The bible teach us to live not as fools, but to live wisely, because the days are evil. Even we need to see the other creatures which live how they're supposed to naturally. They have their own fate. Have we lived our life like what God has wanted? Do we realize, that how we live actually will form our own character and habit?...