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My Late News

Long time no posting! Hehe... Yup. Lately I feel it's so hard to write well.

Well, it has been December again. Like usual, we're going to face new year again. Uh, time flies! *and it sounds so usual too.* There's something I wanna share here, I don't know if it is useful or not. At first day last november, I have quit from the last place where I worked. Why oh why? I've chosen to start a new life journey. hehehe..

Some people seemed too 'kepo', I mean, they wanted to know what I was going to do then, whether I had got job at the other place, etc. It was fine, but I could not explain because it was really my 'stupid' or desperate choice. I felt tired. And I didn't get anything worth by giving my lifetime to the retail owner.

Well, after this post, do you have any job opportunity for me? Hehehehe... I have a lot of free time if you want to add me in some paid campaign. *yeah.. paid. Time is  .... 'uhm'*

About what I've said that I can …