Between Need and Want

Simply. I just remember what a friend has shared in whatsapp group, that we often think what we want as what we need. Even sometimes we don't wanna change the point of view though we know it's wrong.

I lately enjoy instant noodle to replace rice (health food) for dinner. I think, I also have to take control of things I want. I have to pay things important such as BPJS, which I have delayed the payment for 3 months. Wew... I checked it on this site, and I'm going to pay it tomorrow morning. Promise to myself.

What about the virtual account number? Because I use Bank Mandiri, it will be: 89888 0 129 xxx xxxx. It was from my BPJS's number: 000 129 xxx xxxx.


  1. Kadang kita lebih memilih yang diinginkan daripada yang dibutuhkan :P


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